End Activity Overload!!

It is always hard to find that fine line between doing too many activities or too few, doing sports or music or other interests.  How exactly should you decide?  This article gives some great helps, and even some financial approximations.  Enjoy and share.


Hoping this IMproves your day,

Sally Ellis, www.imagineimprovement.com


Support! Support! Support!!

As foster parents we have dealt with a lot of attachment issues, ADD and ADHD, trauma, resilency, successes, and much much more.  I still remember the first time we attended a support group for foster parents.  Wow! my husband and I came away from that meeting knowing we were not alone, knowing that others could understand and relate, and with some new strategies to use in our parenting.  When I saw this article on the importance of support groups for parents with special needs it was a must share!


Hoping this IMproves your day,

Sally Ellis www.imagineimprovement.com