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world without children
Just became a Grandma again this last month--#7 actually :)!  Made me appreciate my own children and reflect on the importance of children in our lives,  Can't imagine life without them!  Hope you enjoy this fun link: 10 "Scientific" Tips for raising happy kids. Did it makes you smile and want to share it with others? 

I am also sharing 5 ways to help parent your special needs child. It has some great simple things to think about.
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ADHD The Catch 22

Sometimes we just need to hear that ADHD is real and there are real sources to help.  And there are sources other than medication.  For example Interactive Metronome has been shown to make a big difference for children with ADHD.  There are several other modalities that can be significant.  Theses two posts have some great helps, but mostly knowing we aren’t in it alone is rewarding.

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Movement, Parenting, ADHD It’s all here!

Today an article for preschool Moms to keep those kids on the move!!  We can’t overs-estimate the importance of motion in overall development!

We all want to be better parents.  The following article has some you already know and a few new ideas  but the bottom line is to have fun and enjoy our children!

And 10 concrete, helpful ideas for helping ADHD Kids (and really all kids) be the best they can be!

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