20 Things To Do Everyday–You’ll Become Smarter!!

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No excuses, just a commitment to get back on track with sharing.  Hope this post gives you something to think about!!  Make a decision to make yourself better.  And help your kids do the same!



Become who

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Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung, the weather is inviting and so it is time to get our children outside!!  I like the idea of unplugging–but with all the battery operated technology they maybe need to come up with a new term :)!!  But, of course, the idea is there!!

Mr. Rogers


The following post is important to get out to all parents, especially if they have younger children.  Even my 2 1/2 year old grandson loves to play on his parents phone.  I didn’t realize how damaging it could be!!  But I did know it just didn’t seem right.


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Movement, Parenting, ADHD It’s all here!

Today an article for preschool Moms to keep those kids on the move!!  We can’t overs-estimate the importance of motion in overall development!


We all want to be better parents.  The following article has some you already know and a few new ideas  but the bottom line is to have fun and enjoy our children!


And 10 concrete, helpful ideas for helping ADHD Kids (and really all kids) be the best they can be!



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A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

one kind wordWhen you think of the impact a kind word or two can make you truly have to wonder why we don’t say a few more sincere things to others.  My sister who is now deceased was such a joy to be around.  She would go up to complete strangers and compliment them on just little things.  I always envied her her ability to be outgoing and honest.  When I had hung out with her I would find myself being more outgoing and complimentary with others.  It doesn’t some naturally to me, but the positive payoff is rewarding when I do.  The link I’m providing today talks about how to be outgoing to those with handicaps.  Things to do and things not to do.  I hope it gives you food for thought.



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Cognitive Abilities? Grow Them!!

Back to the important work of posting information that I believe will help those dealing with Learning Disorders and Learning Disabilities.

We really can do something about our cognition :)!

We really can do something about our cognition :)!


This article has links to several fun activities and some great information for both parent and children!  Enjoy!

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End Activity Overload!!

It is always hard to find that fine line between doing too many activities or too few, doing sports or music or other interests.  How exactly should you decide?  This article gives some great helps, and even some financial approximations.  Enjoy and share.


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Support! Support! Support!!

As foster parents we have dealt with a lot of attachment issues, ADD and ADHD, trauma, resilency, successes, and much much more.  I still remember the first time we attended a support group for foster parents.  Wow! my husband and I came away from that meeting knowing we were not alone, knowing that others could understand and relate, and with some new strategies to use in our parenting.  When I saw this article on the importance of support groups for parents with special needs it was a must share!


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