Hi! My name is Sally Ellis. The purpose of this blog is to share helpful hints for managing learning disabilities in children and adults. Some of the information I share is from my own experience and expertise, but I also post tips from Interactive Metronome. I would love to share information and/or inspirational stories from those following my blog. If you would like to share, email me at imagineimprovement@gmail.com and I may share your insight on my blog!

Let me share the possibilities of helping others with Interactive Metronome. I came across IM looking for help for a young man (Asa) for whom my husband and I are guardians. Asa has a slow processing speed and IM is perhaps the only help for slow processing. However when I saw the many different ways IM could help children (and adults) I pursued obtaining my certification to become an IM provider. With a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology (University of Montana) and 19 years experience teaching preschoolers I was allowed to certify. In addition, the fact that we have foster parented for over 19 years has made me long for the employment of non chemical assistance in the area of learning disorders. I have always had a heart for children and especially those who have learning difficulties  It’s a dream come true to offer a hands-on solution backed by amazing research and followed with even more amazing results. Just check out the websites links to see for yourself.

Certifiedsally IM Insured
Caring and concerned

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