Encouragement The Best Gift

Since I don’t have a special needs child of my own, this blog really hit home with me!  I do have a special needs sister, and we have done foster care for RAD and ADHD kids, and a plethora of other issues, but none with autism or serious developmental delays.  I do hope that some of you will look into Interactive Metronome as another tool for your toolbox in handling varied challenges.  It is available nationwide.



Hoping this IMproves you day,


Sally Ellis  www.imagineimprovement.com


ADHD Hugs and affirmations

We have seen it over and over again in dealing with our ADHD youth–words of affirmation go a long long way in securing positive results with kids who have ADHD!!


Trauma–You never know how deep it can go

This article :  Trauma Doesn’t Tell Time  will be very helpful for parents dealing with children who have experienced trauma, especially those who have adopted or foster children  and you want to scream:  Why isn’t Love enough.  It is hard.  But there has been a lot of work done in this area since we gave up on a foster daughter for safety concerns for our other children.  Sometimes I wonder if I knew then what I know today if perhaps we could have made it with her.  Still painful.


Hoping this IMproves your day,

Sally Ellis   www.imagineimprovement.com