The Good (Heavy Metals) The Bad (Toxins) and The Special (Autistics)

Combining 3 weeks with 3 great articles, although quite different.

The first article (GOOD) is about the importance of getting the right minerals for our best health.  It is close to my heart because of my firm belief in the Melaleuca vitamins.  The high absorption rate of the  Melaleuca’s  minerals is what sets them apart from ALL other vitamins, and the process is patented.  I find it interesting that this blog article is from Interactive Metronome–but eating healthy is also part of having good neuron transmission going on!!  So check it out!

Another interest of mine is the toxic chemicals (BAD) that are all around and through us.  Again, using Melaleuca products immensely reduces our exposure to toxic chemicals.  This article will give you some food for thought!

And the SPECIAL! is a swwet article about the joy of working with children on the spectrum.  It dosen’t get any better than this!

Hoping this IMproves your day, knowing that we can supplement, get rid of toxins and enjoy those different from us!

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ADHD, Allergies, Asthma

Interesting as I have been doing Interactive Metronome with clients, how many of them start itching like crazy–all that clapping sets off histamines in their bodies–the histamines from the allergies, and asthma so prevalent in these children.  It sometimes is the first realization for the parents that their child has allergies! There is definitely a relationship, but I found it insightful that the statistics are so high. I have to say that Melaleuca products seriously DO help with asthma especially.

ADHD Risk in Children Linked to Allergies, Asthma – Psych Central News

Hoping this IMproves your day,

Sally Ellis,