20 Things To Do Everyday–You’ll Become Smarter!!

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No excuses, just a commitment to get back on track with sharing.  Hope this post gives you something to think about!!  Make a decision to make yourself better.  And help your kids do the same!



Become who

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The Help Group

I am not going to stop posting, but I do want to recommend anyone following my blog to like “The Help Group” on Facebook.  Many of the links I want to post are from them.  They cover a lot of different issues and have a lot of wonderful ideas.  They have too many for me to post them all.  For instance this week I’ll post two links from them.  It will give you a sample of their work.


This is a true look from the heart of a parent of an autistic child.  It will help you know the right things to say.


This article for parents of  ADHD children gives helps for working with the school systems and giving your child t

Be in childrens lives


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Sally Ellis, www.imagineimprovement.com

ADHD The Catch 22

Sometimes we just need to hear that ADHD is real and there are real sources to help.  And there are sources other than medication.  For example Interactive Metronome has been shown to make a big difference for children with ADHD.  There are several other modalities that can be significant.  Theses two posts have some great helps, but mostly knowing we aren’t in it alone is rewarding.



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Sally Ellis  www.imagineimprovement.com

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Short Day Long Nights Help for Winter

Here is a great article with so many excellent ideas– What I love are the ideas within the ideas.  This article will keep you busy for a while just checking everything out:)!  And then you can have fun implementing what you learn or maybe just hadn’t quite thought about in a particular way.  Enjoy!!


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Sally Ellis www.imagineimprovement.com