What to say or do for a parent with an autistic kid

1.  Wow!  I’m impressed with your perseverance.

2.  Is there anything I can do to help.

3.  A great sense of humor goes a long way.

4.  Strawberries are on sale.  How about I bring you over a batch all washed and ready to go.

5.  Can I take your kids for a couple of hours so you can go relax (or shop without them).

6.  How do you do it all?

7.  Let’s turn on some great music and sing our hearts out.

8.  Do you feel comfortable talking about how autism affects your life?

9.  Can I bring you over dinner (cookies, dessert, snacks…)  Are there any dietary concerns I need to know?

10.  I can imagine you feel so alone.  I have two ears and only one mouth–let me know when I can listen.

11.  How about a coffee date on me?  We can even do McDonalds if it is easier to bring the kids along.

12.Would you please call me sometime when you are on overload.  I so want to help.

13.  It’s amazing that you homeschool in addition to all those appointments.

14.  Which therapies seem to work best for your child?

15.  Do you get enough respite?

16.  Want to take a day and freeze up some meals for those tough/busy days.  I’ll help you and it’ll be fun too!

17.  You are a blessing to me.

18.  You are doing such a great job!

19.  Send a note of encouragement  (you can even include a coffee/ice cream card)

20.  Let your words heal, not wound!

21.  Have you seen the posting about how much an autistic child can understand?  I’l help you find it to post to those who just  don’t get it.

22.  Your child is a blessing to me.

23.  Lets have some giggles and act out some of the dumb things people say to us.  Get ready to eye roll!

24.  Let me know whenever there is a fundraiser that supports autism research.  I want to be supportive.

And the best thing to say:

25.  We love you and your whole family!!

Hoping this IMproves your day,

Sally  Ellis




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